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We have been providing superior quality steel buildings for many decades, and we have now expanded to an impressive variety of steel constructions for nearly any application.


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About CanAm Steel Buildings

We have been providing superior quality steel buildings for many decades, and we have now expanded to an impressive variety of steel constructions for nearly any application. From barns to large hangars and industrial steel buildings, we can help you get the ideal, quality buildings for all your needs.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission statement is to always focus on the complete satisfaction of our clients, workers and suppliers, by committing to outstanding service, superior quality and constant innovation.

Committed to Giving Back

Industry growth wouldn’t mean anything, if we ignored our children, elders and those less fortunate. Our company contributes to an extensive number of charitable programs on a local and global level, aiming to touch as many lives as possible.

From Project Planning to Quality Engineering

Our experts are committed to going above and beyond the call of duty to help all our clients achieve the value they want through customized project planning and an extensive checklist of engineering processes all the way to completion.

You’ll find our permit drawings and schedule plans will be ready on time, and we will comply to the dates you establish for production and delivery, so you have complete control over your projects.

Once the project planning stage is complete, our steel building specialists and engineers will be fully committed to ensuring the best value for your budget, while keeping your project on track.

Types of Metal Buildings

Steel Airplane Hangars

Our hangars include a variety of sizes to accommodate any type, make or model of aircraft that you might own. We have corporate and T-hangars, and our buildings feature rolling doors, as well as hydraulic and bi-fold doors.

Horse Barns and Riding Arenas

If you’re interested in equestrian buildings, we have everything from steel horse barns to solid riding arenas where your horses will feel right at home.

Public Buildings

Our low maintenance, highly durable constructions can be used for everything from recreational buildings to fire stations. We have customizable options that will fit your needs sand budget, regardless of what you might need.


Industrial Buildings

Steel is the best choice used for manufacturing buildings and other industrial facilities, like warehouses, storage buildings, distribution facilities and crane buildings.

Steel Workshops

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a contractor, we can meet your needs for utility buildings and workshops that will keep all your tools and equipment safe.

Agricultural Buildings

From machine sheds to crop storage and dairy barn buildings, our company will offer any type of agricultural building you might need. Our buildings are durable, effective and affordable.

Commercial Steel Buildings

Stores, malls and office buildings can all benefit from the unique architecture, affordable construction and durable qualities of steel. Our steel buildings will accommodate even your most daring commercial building concepts.

Educational Buildings

You can get schools, gymnasiums and a host of multi-purpose educational facilities for any budget and need – regardless of whether you need to build large or small scale.

Self Storage

Mini storage is our specially, and that includes high quality RV storage and condo-storage buildings. We are a leading provider of climate-control metal storage solutions that will comply with your budget and space requirements.

Complying with Local Codes

It can be extremely important that your steel buildings be in compliance with local standards and building codes. At our company, we stay notified of these codes and can provide you with general information. However, the ultimate responsibility is yours to know all the relevant details before you make your purchase.

Make sure you always review your building and notify your sales representative prior to buying. We will provide you with a letter of certification for the design, applying to your State or Province.

Metal Building Components

We also offer a selection of wall panels that include PBR and reverse roll R-panels, as well as wide net coverage architecturla A-panels. The same finishes apply as for the roof panels.

Fasteners, Bolts and Anchor Rods

Our building corporation offers heavy and thin-head bolts and nuts, as well as washers, all featured in a variety of finishes. We have self-drilling metal fasteners available in standard PVDF and SMP colors.

C-Sections and Z-Sections

Partnering with the leading manufacturers in the industry, we provide c-sections and z-sections as well as struts that are available in custom lengths.

Roof and Wall Panels

Our roof panels are available in standard 24 and 26 gauge materials. We also have 36-inch PBR panels, 16-inch vertical SSR panels and a number of color finishes including siliconized polyester and PVDF.

Request a Quote

Our project coordinators are constantly at the ready to help you sort out what you need. Please let us know what type of project you have in mind, and tell us how we can contact you with a 100% free, no-obligation quote.

Our Services

Custom Steel Buildings

We have the best steel buildings available at the most affordable prices. From unique rooflines to a huge variety of wall panel options, our custom steel building solutions will exceed your expectations.


Anytime, Any Place

Designed right here in the USA, our company’s products include the highest quality steel building kits, components and accessories on the market, delivered anywhere you need them.

Eco-Friendly Construction

By choosing our steel buildings, you can commit to saving energy, helping to reduce mining waste, and prevent air and water pollution. We use up to 89% recycled material for our buildings and accessories.

A Focus on Quality

Servicing a large number of markets worldwide, we focus on quality and excellence from the concept stage, to the finishing process. We cater to all seven continents, and we have already established ourselves as industry leaders in the United States.

What We Have to Offer

Our custom metal buildings can be designed and adapted to fit any and all of your needs. You might need a metal barn or garage, or you might be looking for workshop buildings, storage sheds, or large agricultural buildings. Our building types, sizes and customization/styling options are quite extensive.

Advanced Customization Options

We provide virtually limitless customization options as part of our pre-engineered metal building kits.

Low Costs

Aside from helping you adapt and customize your project to fit your budget, our experts will provide you with financing options and assist with choosing affordable metal building solutions

Our Building Types

We can offer commercial and agricultural buildings, sheds and storage buildings, steel garages, barns, car wash buildings, as well as custom buildings and aircraft hangars.

Essential Tips for Buying Steel Buildings

Before you consider buying a steel building, it’s very important to know what you need it for, what types of qualities you’re looking for, and why you should buy from. The industry is definitely a competitive one, and not all contractors are created equal, so great care has to be taken.
According to our experts, you will do well to consider the following tips before you consider buying any type of metal building.

The Four Crucial Tips to Your Steel Building Purchase

  1. Check local building codes and get in touch with local officials to find out all you need to know about design loads. Make sure you ask about concepts like “snow load,” “exposure category” and the right seismic values relative to your projects.
  2. Regardless of the contractor you use, get your quotes and estimates in writing each and every time! Find out exactly what you’re signing up for before you buy.
  3. Learn about what goes into a so-called “cheap deal.” Pay special attention to offers that are similar in scope but thousands of dollars apart in price. Usually, if a deal is too low, you need to do a lot of research on it, as something is probably wrong.
  4. Avoid haggling for pennies. A 3-4% difference will not mean much if you’re spending tens of thousands of dollars. Instead, make sure you pay attention on what type of building you’re investing in and why.

Remember, these tips are just the tip of the iceberg. Ultimately, the best buyer is an informed buyer, so above all else, make sure you do your research as thoroughly as possible.

Steel Building Accessories

Insulation Products
Our company provides top quality insulation products, from single layer to larger R-value systems for your convenience. Our fiberglass insulation products come are built on the NAIMA 202-96® standard, and all insulations are certified to withstand the lamination and handling process occurring during installation.
With our fiberglass reinforced panels, you can enjoy ideal light transmission and long term durability.
Doors and Windows
We have partnered with the best manufacturers in the industry to bring you a line of highly secure walk doors and windows for metal buildings. From 3070 single leaf to 6070 double leaf buildings, we have a comprehensive line-up of products for any standard you require. Moreover, our horizontal sliding windows come in all sizes, and are available in clear or tinted glass options.
Roof Curbs
For roof-mounted HVAC units and roof hatches, we offer a full line of roof curbs that can be custom designed to fit your project to a T.

Our company brings your advanced liner panels for interior and exterior application. We offer 36-inch wide panels using high gauge materials and Galvalume Plus® panels for the secondary framing.

Light Transmitting Panels
For roof and wall light applications, you can get a complete line of high quality light transmitting panels.
Ventilation Products
Our experts can quickly install the best ridge vents, louvers, cupolas and other quality ventilation products for your metal building applications.
Overhead and Roll-up Doors
We offer the best overhead and roll-up commercial doors for your commercial and industrial applications.
Hydraulic and Bi-Fold Doors
For more advanced projects we offer quality hydraulic and bi-fold doors, each of which has its own unique advantages. You can use them for commercial and agricultural buildings, as well as aircraft hangars.

Get the Best Prices for Steel Metal Buildings!

Steel buildings are among the most popular and affordable building solutions on the current market. When considering the price of your building, it’s essential to note the time and labor that goes into it, as well as the material costs.

The price of steel can vary anywhere between about $6 and $20 per square foot. Labor costs can also vary depending on the company and the complexity of the building. Moreover, the cost of transportation, ordering materials from the manufacturer, or pouring a foundation, can also add to the overall price of your metal building.

In the pre-planning stage, you have to determine the overall price of your building. Factors such as total square footage and the general price per square foot has to be discussed, and you’ll have to consider carefully the contractor you choose, especially if you’re on a budget.

In some cases, choosing the wrong supplier or contractor can cost you a lot. Additional costs will apply to doors, windows and special finishes, and sometimes you can even expect an increase of up to $40 per square foot.

So, always be careful that the price will fit your budget and the features and accessories you add to your buildings will be fully up to par with your overall requirements.

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We service not only North America, but also numerous other countries overseas, so get in touch with us confidently, and we will help you out – regardless of how simple or complex your project is.

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